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Chef mikey and bev like it healthier choices
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States Adopt Chef Garahan's Suggestions

Our Founder Chef Garahan suggested in a letter published in NRN May 2008, “Maybe some investor will back chefs in independent-type restaurants, creating jobs for top chefs. These Chefs would offer more nutritious foods which could play a part in reducing childhood obesity. Any Takers? More info…

Utah passed the MEHKO law HB 94 in 2021! Rep. Christine Watkins, “legalizing home-based cooking businesses can help people who have been impacted by the pandemic survive financially.”

In September 2018, former CA. Governor Jerry Brown signed AB626 into law which has the goal to” support healthy communities and economically empower talented home cooks to attain income self- sufficiency.”

Washington St. HB 1258 states – MEHKO’s provides an opportunity to help get people out of poverty. “Food brings the community together and lets them share their identity and culture with customers. Passing this bill would let people feed their families, start businesses, but also foster community interaction and neighborly relations.