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Internet Food Service Intermediary-Requirements for Listing your MEHKO MEHKOs

928 Lawrence St., Emporia, KS, USA 66801

Attention to all MEHKO’s Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations:
We are required to post this information in order for your MEHKO to advertise on a IFSI or Internet Food Service Intermediary.

1-The IFSI will be registered with the California Department of Public Health* is awaiting our registration from them.

2-The IFSI can not accept payment from the customer and send the MEHKO payment, the money must go from the customer to the MEHKO directly. **This is a recent change and from the 1/1/2019 posting on the CDPH website under General requirements for Internet Food Service Intermediares.

3-To advertise with us you cannot use the word CATERING in your advertisement, that includes any other websites we may have us link you to.

4-We are required to inform the MEHKO of all requirements specified in California Retail Food Code Chapter 11.6 prior to publication of the MEHKO’s offer of food for sale.

**We hereby with this posting notify you of these requirements on our web page see RTFC 11.6 requirements-**This page is being created.
Currently you can visit the CDPH website and you will find the food code under the heading Regulations and Statues.

5-We are required to conspicuously how a consumer can report to the IFSI a food safety complaint, and with the local enforcement agency. The local agency will be Riverside County Environmental Health Agency.
*To contact Riverside County you can go to and fill out the form. Phone is (888) 722-4234 after hours- (951) 782-2968

*To contact me Chef Michael Garahan with a complaint please fill out the form on our

6-We are required to submit the name and permit number of a MEHKO to the local enforcement agency if we receive three or more related individual food safety-related complaints.

*The CDPH General Requirements page 1/1/2019 adds to the above statement “that has made a purchase through its Internet Web Site.
We will notify the local enforcement agency if we receive three or more related complaints.

7-We will clearly state our fees associated with the amount being charged for the services on its Internet website or mobile application.

8-We are required to post if the MEHKO has liability insurance that covers any incidences arising from the sale or consumption of food listed or promoted.

9-We will provide on our page a dedicated location for posting of your permit number

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