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World’s Longest Salad Bar – Guinness Book of World Records Attempt

World’s Longest Salad Bar – Guinness Book of World Records Attempt


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Event: World’s Longest Salad Bar-Guinness Book of World Records attempt.

Worlds Longest Salad Bar Food Truck Registration(Note: Food Trucks must register for the event – Cost $50 per truck – to register CLICK THIS LINK to be taken to our EVENTBRITE PAGE for registration and payment)

In Conjunction with International Chefs Day “Preparing Children for a Healthy Life.”

Sponsor Organization: Chef Mikey ® © Chef Mikey Likes It! Healthier Choices ™ an-American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation Chef and Child Program.

World Record Attempt: Our application has been received by the Guinness World Records 2/24/2020. (Current record-688 ft. 1.56 “) 5,000 pounds of produce. Our attempt 1,200 ft. plus.


Where: Lyon County Fairgrounds. Emporia, KS 66801


Details: Healthier choices chef advocate Michael Garahan, CEC created this event to revitalize Michelle Obama’s Chef Move to Schools program. In the last 4 years, Chef Garahan’s program has received 6 American Culinary Federation Healthy Eating Grants totaling $6,000.

Food Truck participants will partner with a school of their choice to create a (6-12 ft. salad bar.) The salad bar will be placed in front of the food trucks and adjoined by the tables, overlapping each other to create the World’s Longest Salad Bar. Salad Bar will comply with all local health standards.

Healthier Choice Soups may also be served and Healthier Choice Beverages. No sugary beverages allowed.  Complete food guidelines available on

The food trucks will then be open for business. Each truck agrees to pay all appropriate sales taxes.

Our goal is for the food trucks to bring with them a school bus full of students and parents with them to the event to participate in either a participant or patron.

We are offering prize monies including, $200 for the food truck who brings the most people on a school bus, and $200 to the food truck who travels the farthest, and three other $200 prizes.

Food Trucks location at the Fairgrounds will be on a first come basis.

For More Information Contact: Chef Michael Garahan, 304-601-9865


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