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Chef Mikey’s (r) (c) daily readings April 7, from Food Business News, included this very interesting one! “AI can predict and how different ingredients interact with one another and how they might impact the final product’s taste, texture, and nutritional value.”

Credit-Ashley Robertson, director, global marketing and communications for Corbion

I’m going to test it with the new Granola recipe I created!

Here is the response

Your new Nut-Free recipe incorporating Montana Crimson Ground Lentils and Dark Chocolate sounds intriguing! Let’s break down the potential taste, cost, and profit margin:

  1. Taste: The combination of Montana Crimson Ground Lentils and Dark Chocolate offers a unique flavor profile. Lentils can add a nutty flavor and a bit of texture, while dark chocolate provides richness and sweetness. Together, they could create a deliciously balanced granola that appeals to those with nut allergies and those who enjoy a gourmet twist on traditional granola flavors.
Michael Garahan

Michael Garahan

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Chef Michael Garahan, CEC aka Chef Mikey (c) (r) advocates for the increased consumption of healthier choice foods, in an effort to reduce diet-related diseases.
Chef Mikey, LLC is a Social Benefit Business, 90% of profits are used for the purchase of healthier choice foods for those in need.

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